Ginger Oolong (Tea Can)


Oolong tea with hints of natural mild ginger, myrtle leaves and cornflowers from this elegant and sophisticated. Warm your soul, perfect for moment of sweet reflection and time out.


Size: 100g Loose Tea Leaves

Dimensions: 7.6  x 11.5 (H) cm

Material: Taiwan Oolong Tea Leaves with Mild Ginger, Myrtle Leaves and Cornflowers

Place of Origin: Germany

    -Brewing Method

    -Temperature: 98-100°C

    -Brew Time: 50 seconds

    -Amount: 7g / 140ml

    -Place the tea leaves into tea cup and fill with hot water, leave the tea to brew. Can be brewed up to 6 times, extend the soak time according to your taste.

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