XIE XIE x Lim Giong Audiovisual Live

The concept of this video comes from the four volumes in The Classic of Tea by Lu Yu during the Tang Dynasty — the “Origin,” the “Making,” the “Brewing,”and the “Tasting” of tea. Combining the image of tea with the subtle sounds made during the tea-making process in different environments, the video carries a tinge of Zen spirit into the viewer’s tea tasting experience.
The Origin
Starting with Dayulin, home to Taiwanese Oolong tea, bringing in the topographic map and the silhouette of the mountain foreshadows the relationship between the tea and the light, air, and water in the mountain. Black and white is a symbol of the primitive forces and the origin of the universe.
The Making
The gradually changing shape of the Oolong tea reflects its half-fermented state. The slowly increasing energy of fire suggests different degrees of roasting, thus giving rise to raw tea, half-ripe tea, ripe tea, and their distinctive flavors.
The Brewing
Water is the key element that brings out the flavor of the tea. Brewing is the art of putting the tea and the water together and enabling them to dance in unison. Regulating water temperature corresponds to the following text in The Classic of Tea, “In the first phase of boiling, water bubbles appear like fish eyes, and sound little. In the second phase, the water boils to the brim of the pot like strings of beads. In the third phase, the bubbles overflow like ocean waves; beyond the third phase, the water is overcooked and not suitable to drink anymore”. The unique sound of boiling water for brewing tea is accompanied with the visual image for the viewer to feel the transition of tea. Tea types can be decomposed into dots and lines, each represent the bead-shaped tea and the strip-shaped tea. The boiling water lays the foundation for the extension of lines and dots, which symbolizes how dried tea gradually unfolds itself in the water and releases its flavor.
The Tasting
A series of tea processing and brewing techniques result in a natural infusion with sweet and fruity aromas. The fragrance of flowers and fruits is visualized by the gradually changing colors. The color of tea concludes this tea tasting experience.