XIE XIE Tea Salon at Monaco

A Taiwanese tale…

“Where a man stands with ease would be the ideal place for tea to grow.”

-by Miss Xie


Imagine lush tea bushes in the high Formosa mountains. The Xie family from Taiwan brings you the finest tea drinking experience.


Welcome to XIE XIE - Formosa Oolong Tea.


The Tea of XIE XIE is the outcome of experience of growing the finest Oolong tea over two centuries. The Xie family follow traditional 15 steps of tea-making philosophy, using only the top and bud tea leaves to create refined tea.

No chemicals. No fuss. Just unlimited amounts of passion and love for tea.


We make our tea precious gifts for you to indulge in and to share. By saying our family name twice, “XIE XIE” is our way of saying “thank you “ in Mandarin.